Musings on Salad

I had trouble falling asleep last night because my thoughts were all of a particular salad, the concept of which I will soon share with you.  But first a word about salad.  Who gets excited about it?  It is often a sorry thing of ho-hum mesclun — which may or not yet be getting brown cruddy — and some fatty nondescript thing poured on it.  Or a conceptual beet salad with goat cheese, all beets and a touch of cheese and greens.  Now my friend Deborah loves, loves, loves beets so it may make one person in the world happy.  But it is often the dieter’s solace choosing that at lunch versus a sandwich.  (I am NOT getting into elective “gluten-free” here, yet.)

But a well thought-out salad is a fine thing indeed.  I made up one for Thanksgiving.  Composed, of course, because I am a control freak. That is, I arranged on each person’s individual plate.  I let my guests take it from there.  Thanksgiving — at least in my house — is  a carb- and fat-laden adventure, and a nice way to start the meal is a salad of bitter greens.  Americans have not developed the bitter side of their palate as oh, the Italians have.  Radicchio, endive, chicory, frisee. Bitter greens cut fat nicely.  Think soppressata.  No, there is not a recipe for that forthcoming!

If I could I would place the recipe right HERE.  But alas.  I want to have the recipe indexed separately and I do not know how to do that without it appearing before this.  So look up.


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