Broccoli in a nice winter soup

If you get on board with my stock-making program, you’re more than halfway to any night (or day’s) quick and easy soup.  All done in under 20 minutes from thinking of it to soup in the bowl. And as a bonus, get this: you’re eating chicken soup! Even if you’re eating cream of broccoli  Get it? It’s all good for your body.

Here’s the outline to make cream of broccoli soup:

Defrost 1 quart vegetable stock.  (I stick container in a bowl of water to dislodge, then dump frozen stock in pan and heat, covered.  Voila!  No planning needed.)

Cut up and trim your broccoli (i.e., cut off outsides of lower trunk-type parts), all rough cut.  Heat stock, add broccoli, cover and simmer about 15 minutes until tender, maybe less.  Add salt while broccoli cooks.

When tender, run all through food mill, or use blender (carefully).  Return to pot, add cream or half and half, heat and serve.

That’s really the recipe too.  Proportions for two servings are:

1 quart stock (vegetable or chicken)

1 # broccoli

1 russet (baking) potato, peeled and chopped, optional OR 1/4 c white rice, uncooked, also optional (I might try leftover brown rice, but it might make soup lumpy)

1/3 c half and half (or less if using heavy cream, which would be better probably)

Eat and feel virtuous for eating such a large quantity of broccoli in one seating (and not minding one bit).  Eat an orange.  It’s winter and Cara Cara are ridiculously sweet.  I like to cut an orange as follows:  Cut in half end to end.  Lay each half face down, cut off end and then make thick slices.  A more fun way to eat.  Feels like dessert.

On second thought: if you don’t have stock on hand but still want to make this soup, saute an onion to start, for about 5 mins in butter.  Add water and broccoli, and please use heavy cream since you’ll probably want to not dilute the liquid. Mangia!


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