Sweet potato salad

This is a terrific way to serve sweet potatoes at a party. It comes from my long best friend Deb.  It is an unexpected mix of flavors, all delicious and somewhat healthy to boot!  I intend to get around to posting my entire recent New Years day party menu — with recipes.  Since this was requested and the only recipe I have is a text message, it deserves a more secure place, such as here.

Here’s the idea of it:  (1) You roast thickly sliced unpeeled sweet potatoes in olive oil until JUST tender (not mushy) and, if you’re lucky, somewhat caramelized.  Let cool, and cut in half or 1/3’s to make large chunks.  (2) Cut up red peppers and scallions.  (3) Make a honey dijon vinaigrette with tarragon vinegar.  Store separately in the refrigerate and combine with non-HFCS sweet chopped pickles or relish just before serving.


8 or so good-size sweet potatoes, the best you can find (farmers markets, yes)

1-2 sweet red peppers, washed, and cut into large dice

1-1/2 bunches scallions, sliced

sweet pickles (non HFCS) or Wickles relish

honey dijon vinaigrette made with tarragon vinegar


  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.  Wash potatoes and cut without peeling into 1″ or larger slices.
  2. Put olive oil on sheet pan.  Smush potatoes into oil (or oil onto potatoes).  Probably will need a second pan. Roast, checking and turning for about 20 mins, checking more frequently at end, to try to snag them JUST as they turn tender (a fork goes in ’em easily) and before getting mushy.  This will probably mean pulling off individual pieces as done rather than the entire pan.  Let cool.  When cool, cut in half or perhaps thirds to make LARGE chunks.
  3. Wash red peppers and scallions.  Cut peppers into large dice, and slice scallions.  Put into their own container (together) and refrigerate.
  4. Make vinaigrette with tarragon vinegar.  1 t honey, 3/4 t mustard (Dijon, preferably), tarragon vinegar, S&P.  Add olive oil.  I like to do this in a bottle (which allows you to simply shake rather than whisk).  Refrigerate.
  5. Cut up sweet pickles into small pieces, or find that Wickles relish.
  6. To serve:  pour vinaigrette over potatoes, add red peppers, scallions and pickles/relish, toss and serve.

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