Weeknight black bean tacos

Watching calories and carbs but wanting to max out flavor and spice, I devised this quick and easy taco recipe.  From thought to dinner plate in under 25 minutes!

Black beans — a delicious foundation of this dish — get their flavor amped up by sauteing with onion, hot peppers and garlic.  I like Eden brand no salt added.  (I add my own sea salt for flavor.  Ordinary canned beans are loaded with hidden sodium.)

For corn tortillas, I recommend Food For Life brand, sprouted corn tortillas, which I pick up at my local food co-op.  Some day I will actually buy extra to keep on hand in the freezer!


1 can (15 oz) black beans (Eden is good brand; w/o added salt)

½ onion, chopped

½ t ground cumin

red pepper flakes; hot sauce

3 cloves garlic, minced

1-2 serrano peppers, chopped finely


corn tortillas (2/person)


grated cheese, such as Cabot pepper jack (Monterey jack); queso blanco or fresco

salsa (I like Green Mountain Gringo)

lettuce, chopped (optional)

sour cream, watered down if desired (optional)

avocados or guacamole (optional)



Chop onions, garlic and hot pepper. Heat small-ish sauté pan, add 1 T grapeseed or other neutral oil. Saute onions, then cumin, garlic and pepper and pepper flakes in neutral oil for about 5 mins.

Stir in beans. Add a bit of water, stir, cover and cook about 10 mins. Add hot sauce as desired.
Meanwhile: grate cheese, ready salsa, lettuce, etc.

When beans are almost done, heat small sauté pan; brush tortillas with neutral oil, and heat, stacking in pan and turning on all sides, together if desired, until heated through, a few minutes.

Layer on each tortilla: beans, cheese, salsa, avocados, sour cream and lettuce. Fold over tortillas. Yum!

Yield: 4 tacos

Nutrition per taco: 31 g carbs (without avocado); 360 cals; 20 g fat

(avocado adds 4 g carbs for ¼ fruit; 72 calories)