Summer coleslaw

There are many ways of making coleslaw. Almost too many that it had me perplexed and shy about plunging in.  There’s high fat with mayonnaise, mayonnaise and sour cream and/or buttermilk. And celery salt, mustard seeds and dry mustard. Add in some chopped spring onions, celery and/or red pepper. Here’s a creamy version (I prefer Bragg’s apple cider vinegar which adds flavor in addition to just acid.)  Here’s another.

Or make a vinaigrette type, perhaps with lime, cilantro and Serrano peppers. Or try this one.

I was perplexed about which way to go and then last night just plunged in when I had some oysters to fry for dinner. I mixed up some mayonnaise and sour cream (half and half is too much sour cream, I learned), mustard seed, plenty of celery seed, dry mustard, and S&P. I sliced half a head of a farmers market green cabbage, and ran a carrot through the food processor. Mixed together and put in refrigerator for half an hour while I fried some oysters. Coleslaw is good to counterbalance fatty, rich meat-type foods.

Next time I think I will use buttermilk to cut the mayo and no sour cream; add some apple cider vinegar and perhaps just a touch of sugar for balance.

Any way you do it, it will most likely be more flavorful than the sorry flaccid stuff served in tablespoon-size paper dishes at diners. Next time I’m going to experiment with buttermilk.

If you have time you can soak the cabbage for an hour. Or salt it(!) and let liquid drain, which – like cucumbers – makes the cabbage stay crisp in the liquid of the salad.


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