Simple Syrup

Simple syrup is a handy thing to have in the sweet kitchen. I like mine flavored with lemon and vanilla. (Vanilla adds a floral, tropical scent which I adore.)

It is in fact simple: equal parts by volume sugar and water. Increase ratio of water for poaching pears.

To use for fruit salad:

¾ c sugar

¾ c water

Heat over medium heat, stirring to dissolve sugar. Raise to boil, then simmer one minute.

Remove from heat and add:

1-2 slices lemon peel (taken off with peeler, pith removed w/ knife)

1-1/2” vanilla bean, split lengthwise


Pour into heat-proof dish (Pyrex measuring cup is good)

Let cool to room temp. Scrape vanilla bean with knife to put seeds into liquid; put all back in, probably removing lemon peel then or later.

Refrigerate up to 2 weeks.



Baranbaum, Pie and Pastry Bible, p 260


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