Creamed spinach

Buy more fresh spinach than you can possibly imagine eating and serving, because steaming it shrinks the volume a huge amount.

Ingredients — for about 4 people:

fresh spinach, 1 #, pick over to remove and discard large stems
Heavy cream, 1/2 c (I only buy NON ultra-pasteurized)
Garlic cloves, 3, peeled and smashed with side of knife blade
Nutmeg, freshly grated


Pick over spinach, pinching off and discarding long, thick stems.
Put spinach in a large-ish pot, sprinkle with salt, and pour on a healthy splash of water. You’re not going to get all the spinach in at once.
Cover and steam a few minutes until it reduces in volume. Add more spinach on top, and continue steaming, covered. Continue adding more until all the spinach is in the pot. Cook until well-wilted but not mush.

While the spinach is cooking: Put cream in small saucepan with garlic cloves. Cook over low-medium heat to reduce, and infuse cream with garlic. Add S&P while cooking. Keep warm/keep on low. Cover to hold and wait for spinach.

When spinach is done, drain it well, and return to the pot. Stir in cream and grate fresh nutmeg on top — not too much. Serve in a bowl and make everyone happy.

This is ideal as part of a stereotypical “meat and potatoes” dinner — perhaps London broil and roasted potatoes.


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